Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to Kansas... packing my red slippers!

On Sunday, August 26, I depart Salt Lake City and trek to Wichita, Kansas for my second round of treatments at the Hansa Center for Optimum Health.  I want to first of all apologize that in my first round of treatments I was able to give initial updates but was too exhausted to keep the updates flowing.  Some of you were keeping updated via my family and friends and for this, I felt loved and cared for!

Let me catch you up.  As you know I received my first round treatments in December of 2011. I stayed for two weeks and much was unveiled in my first visit.  Since my visit in December I have had a SLOW uphill climb.  I have seen little-by-little progress...  overall I have improved about 40% since my visit in December!  Daily symptoms such as muscle fatigue/weakness, joint pain,  headaches, debilitating fatigue, digestion issues and sleep issues have improved.  I am so thankful to be relieved of the severity of these symptoms and thanking God for his provision.

Since my initial visit to Hansa, I have been doing maintenance treatments that have promoted the healing process. These have included amazing technologies/therapies that support the body's design to heal itself: Infrared Sauna, Amethyst Bio Mat, Ion Cleanse and massage. I was led to a local wellness center that provided all of these therapies! I was so thankful to be provided with this.

Though the maintenance treatments have supported me, after a recent consultation with my doctor in Kansas,  he communicated that my body has "plateau-d" where it is at. As it is standard to have a second treatment, he fully believes I need another push to increase the total healing.  The symptoms I am still struggling with are fatigue, brain fog/confusion, ears ringing and anxiety.  A follow-up visit is suggested and typically routine anyways.

For this return visit, I will receive further testing, daily doctor visits/assessments and tailored therapies to support the specific areas that need attention.  Dr. Jowdy has some inklings as to why I still have the lingering symptoms.  After the further testing however, I can give you actual definitives as to what he finds.

Lastly, and most excitedly, I look forward to filling you in more on the spiritual journey that has been graced to me in the midst of my faithlessness and despair over the past few years.  Last August, the Light of Christ, his Holy Spirit, reached down and broke through the darkness that was in my heart -- He healed disbelief that I was unaware of.  He then took me on a quick journey over those next several months.  Before I knew it, my faith was restored and the Hansa Center was falling into my lap.

Friends,  God is pulling me out of the pit that has been Lyme Disease and I believe is restoring what has been lost.  I am filled with inexpressible joy.  I cannot wait to share more with you and bless you with my personal account of our Author... the Author of our faith who will write our story if we let him.

"...Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith." - Hebrews 12:2



  1. Hi Jill, this is Danielle Wibeto. We went to college together at APU. I just read one of Emily Johnson's blogs and she mentioned you and I was so happy to hear your name and think about my memories of being around you. You are so sweet. I was also sad to see that you are still having struggles with Lyme Disease but am filled with faith and am praying for your healing. You are such an amazing woman and I am looking forward to see what the Lord does, you can rest in his goodness. I also realized that you are in Kansas, I live in Kansas City, only a few hours away. Praying for you my friend!

  2. Danielle-

    I just received notification that you had left a comment. Since I have been back from Kansas I have not been back to this site and I rarely check my gmail account, which is why. I have the best of intentions to start updating it more to speak of God's amazing faithfulness that is being manifested. Can I just say how GOOD it is to hear from you and what a joy it brings to my heart that you have taken the time to read what I have written?!?!?! I seriously loved our short time together.

    I definitely remember the few times we hung out!!!! You left an impact on me with your quiet and gentle, yet strong spirit. It is an inspiration to me to strive to be that way as well.

    Crazy the effect we can have on people without realizing, just simply living out what we are called to (women of FAITH, helpers, encouragers) and who God made us to be in the unique design He crafted us in so differently (this glorifies not only his creative abilites but helps us define/understand some of WHO HE IS).

    Thank you for your prayers! You are a sweet sister - we are like-minded in Christ and I am so thankful to hear from you and am most definitely uplifted. When you said "I am looking forward to what the Lord does, you can rest in his goodness." THANK YOU. The thought of resting in his goodness just came to me this morning, before I read your post! The thought was sent to me from a friend, it is a verse which says, "Those that trust in the Lord LACK NO GOOD THING." Wow, God is so ministering to me through the timing of reading this! Thank you friend!

    Also I will most likely be visiting Kansas again in December. I have recently learned of IHOP in Kansas City. Have you been there? I would be curious to visit it - not sure how that would work in my schedule and all - but if so, would love to see you!

    I love you! xoxo